Saturday, May 15, 2010

Public Radio Fanatic

I love public radio. A few months ago I was talking about NPR with a friend from church and he said, "NPR huh...we gotta do something about that." The thing is, I'm not so sure he has ever listened to NPR to have that opinion. However, among conservative talk radio audiences there is a rumor that NPR is communist or at least socialist. In honor of my friends who think I'm nuts for listening to NPR, I've decided to list my favorite shows. If you find information on how to cook a creative stir fry dish to be communist let me know. :)

1. A Prairie Home Companion - I'm told that before video killed the radio star families used to crowd around radios every Saturday afternoon to listen to plays, story telling, and live concerts. Prairie Home Companion has been doing just that since 1974 when host Garrison Keillor created the show. Tune in to hear hillarious stories, the best live sound effects guy in the business, and hardly known musicians who should be making millions of dollars but remain in abscurity.

2. Car Talk - Car talk is HILARIOUS. Two brothers named Tom and Ray Magliozzi have been hosting the show since 1977. The premise is this, cooky listeners call and ask random car questions (from what is that clicking noise under the hood to my wife thinks I kill more bugs when I drive than her because I go so fast...what do you think). Tom and Ray humorously interact with the callers and attempt to answer their questions. I love these guys.

1. This American Life - This show is easly my favorite weekly broadcast ever. Each week Ira Glass and his research team has a theme like "bridges" or "chickens" and then they tell 3-4 stories on their theme. As the name indicates, they try to tell stories about everyday American life. They do an amazing job giving listeners information in a captivating manner. I've heard all sorts of stories. In one a rancher cloned his beloved bull and in another a guy lived in a 5x14x8 feet hole in a major Chicago bridge. This is where I heard the most balanced report on health care. IT'S GREAT! If you can only listen to one of these LISTEN TO THIS ONE.

2. The Splendid Table - If you like to cook or eat you gotta listen to this broadcast hosted by Lynee Rossetto Kasper. About 2/3rds of the show is her talking with correspondents throughout the world who tell stories about restaurants and meals they have encountered. For the remainder 1/3rd of the broadcast listeners call in and ask her cooking questions. She is brilliant and makes me hungry evertime I listen to her!