These posts follow things I'm interested in other than theology and family.  You'll find stuff on carpentry, cooking, and other things I dream about.

Nothing but Net...Worth - Infographic
What Pope Francis Get's Right - Infographic
Q's Stove - I converted an old bedside table into a stove for the Q.
The Q Rider - I converted a tricycle into a bicycle.  
Kitchen Table - I spent $50 on supplies and wood for this bad boy.  
Home Brew - "If you can make oatmeal you can make your own beer."  We'll see...
Business Ventures - My ideas that I don't have enough guts to pursue.
Dream Homes - One day I want to build a home with my own hands.
Italian Potato Soup  - I made up this recipe after trying some good soup at the Olive Garden.
Startup Post One - It has begun
Learning about Blog Swapping