Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Brew

About a year ago I tried to roast my own coffee beans.  I failed miserably.  Yesterday I tried my hand at brewing beer.  I have two kits: one that is labor intensive because it uses raw materials and another that is made from some sketchy concentrate (Mr. Beer).  They are both Hefeweizens. I will do a taste test.  I will say, the beer that took me 4 hours to prepare was much more fulfilling than the Mr. Beer kit.  The taste test will happen in 4 weeks when the beer is finished.  Meanwhile, feel free to send me empty beer bottles that do not utilize twist off caps.

a bag of wheat and a gallon jug

heat the water to 170

cook the wheat at 150 for an hour

strain the wheat and pour bowling water over it

bowl the "wort" for an hour, add hops and yeast, and let it sit for a few weeks

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mandi said...

super cool brother! this makes me excited! i love to see stuff brewing!