Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Mae

Last Wednesday (9/21) Tammie and I went to the midwife to check her progress.  The midwife said Tammie had at least 3 or 4 more days before Mae would be ready.  About 12 hours later we were back at the San Antonio Birth Center ready to go to work.  While labor kicked in around 2pm, we did not go back until 10:30pm.  Since we went the natural route the only thing we could do to sooth the pains was to get into the large tub.  Once Tammie got in, there was not getting out.  Mae was born at 1:33am on 9/22.  All went very well.  We got home by 8:30am...just in time to get Quinn to school.  
Words cannot describe how excited the Q man is. 

He is a great big brother.

Here is a shot from our room at the Birthing Center.

Here is where Mae was born.

Just minutes after entering the world.

By the way, if you are looking for a place to give birth and you live in the San Anotnio area, you have got to look into the San Antonio Birth Center.  Tammie's midwife was Alisa Voss.  She runs the birth center.  The midwives are amazing and the facilities are top notch.  Our experience going natural was a billion times better than last time.  That's right, a billion times.


mandi said...

Oh! That place looks really nice! Yay Tammie! Super rock star!

Dear Mae,
It is a tragedy that I have not met your sweet little self yet. Please know that this is no reflection of my feelings for you. I will be there soon to breathe you in and kiss your little face.

I love you-
Aunt Mandi

Coby said...

While we are writing to Mae...

Dear Mae,
I'm sorry that you are not at the top of my blog. You are more important than home brew.

I love you -