Friday, November 11, 2011

The Startup - Post one

A few years ago I blogged about business ideas. Here is the blog of the ideas I have that I probably will never do.  A few weeks ago a buddy asked me if I'd be interested in working with him on a startup.  I said, "Heck ya!"  The big difference this time is my friend actually has experience in the field.  He has already taken a company like this one and helped it grow it's revenue by over 800 percent.  That does not mean we will be successful.  But that does mean we have a higher chance of being successful with this venture than I do when I blog but do nothing (did you follow that).

So here I am, working on Articles of Organization and an Operational Agreement for our budding L.L.C.  My goal is to finalize these documents in the next two weeks and file them with the Secretary of State by December 1.  I finally get to put my undergrad degree to work!  If this works I will be the CFO.  If it does not work, I will be the friend who looks at numbers and legal documents.  Let's be honest, I can't call myself the CFO until we make at least $5.

Things I have learned this week:
1.  Sabbaths are still important
2.  Startups are tough...especially when you do not quit your real job (and when you are still in school and have a baby at the same time)
3.  L.L.C.'s sound sound kind of sketchy
4.  I have a lot of good friends who are willing to give me free advice
5.  Most of our idea breaks no "intellectual property" laws

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