Friday, January 23, 2009

Stuff we make at home

This past week I've ALMOST blogged 2 other times about stuff that we make at home. I thought about posting about my free fire wood find (a bunch of old wooden pallets with a "free" sign on them). I also ALMOST posted a blog about some wheat biscuits Tammie made from scratch. They were rather amazing. However, tonight I made the best soup I have ever made in my life.

Italian Sausage Potato Soup
This recipe was based off of some soup Tammie likes from the Olive Garden. However, that soup has like 64% of a person's saturated fat for the day (it includes 6 strips of bacon!!!). DISCLAIMER: I don't generally measure when I cook. So, the following is the best that I can come up with.

2-3 russet potatoes
1 medium onion
4-5 cloves of garlic
turkey sausage (half of a pound?)
2 quarts of chicken broth
spices (I only had basil and dried cilantro)
salt and pepper
1 cup of cut greens (I used spinach)
1/3 cup of milk or cream

Brown meat. Add diced onions and garlic. Cook until they are tender. Add potatoes - stir for a minute or two. Add the broth, greens, and the spices. Cook on medium for 20 minutes. Add milk/cream - cook another 10-15 minutes. That's it! (p.s. you can add some red pepper flakes or a dash of your favorite vinegar based hot sauce to spice it up)

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