Monday, December 15, 2008

Mr. Q

Q is a lot of fun. These days he spends his time crawling into tight spaces (and then crying until we free him), pulling sci-fi books off of the shelf (we are house sitting for some avid Star Trek/Star Wars fans), drooling, chewing on leaves, dumping Frodo's dog food all over the floor, and waving at people. He likes to impress strangers with his advances. Here are his most and least favorite things to do.

1. Waving
2. Saying "babababa"
3. playing tug-o-war with Frodo
4. wrinkling his nose
5. bouncing

1. having us wash his hands
2. having us wash his face
3. being put down for a nap
4. when I take his Star Wars books away
5. getting stuck in tight places


mandi said...

wow- he looks SOOOO much like you in that picture. crazy. maybe you should just give in and let him read star trek. you can't keep a trekkie from his first love.

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

to soon find out what you're talking about, that's what I'm in for.