Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Vision and Mission for Work and Life

I just finished my coursework for the summer. I took a class called "Knowing Self and Knowing God." My final project was to create a vision and mission statement for work and life. The mission statement includes three verbs, something I'm passionate about (reconciliation) and a target audience. The vision statement is a glimpse of my ideal life. The goal of this exercise is to evaluate were I currently am and make adjustments so that I can live into my hopes, dreams, and desires. Here ya go...

My mission is to join Jesus in bringing healing, reclamation, and renewal to relationships so that reconciliation will occur in family systems, in society, and in oneself.

My vision is to soak up every ounce of life. I am simultaneously kneeling at the feet of Jesus, resting in his arms, and pressing my ear to his lips so that I can hear all that he has to say. I make sure my family knows that they are my first priority with my actions and my words. I love them well and laugh with them often. I wake up early to listen to Jesus. I then drink freshly pressed coffee with my wife and simply enjoy her presence. I try to build a wooden boat with my son, fail, and try again. My garden provides most of our vegetables until I forget to water it. I laugh at my ineptness as I try to repair the damage. We spend much of our time outside playing, camping, and hiking. My children learn how to be themselves, how to surrender to Jesus, how to practice sustainable living, and how to serve others out of selflessness (and not insecurity). I read books, reflect, and drink micro-brewed beer with my friends. I cook daily. I am not influenced by other people’s perspective of me at work. Kids regularly stop by my house to eat and share life with us. I go to the hospital to comfort a parent who just lost a child. Families stop by our home to catch of glimpse of an imperfect family that has learned the power and necessity of taking life slowly, hugging regularly, and forgiving often. In our home there is peace, laughter, stability, and authenticity. In our home is the presence of God.


mandi said...

that's good. something we should all think on. i think i'll do one too.

i like your thought on selflessness without insecurity. i think you and i both caught a dose of that growing up- serving to please, to not disappoint. what freedom there is to serve out of love instead of insecurity! and what a gift it is to offer that to our children.

Coby said...

Check out a book called THE PATH by Jones. She gives the reader a dozen or so exercises that help lead to a vision and mission statement.

Culpster said...

Alright. I'll give this one:) It was a very nice post. It brought many thoughts to my mind as I was reading.

One was that it seemed that you were attempting to be what you wanted to be, but while also leaving room for imperfections. Almost like this WAS the journey. That struck me as peaceful, strangely enough. I would have probably only have written my goals and left no room for failure. Which I think may be another way of saying I would have left no room for enjoyment.

Great post!

Amy said...

Coby! Can you give your wife my new telephone number and tell her I apologize for never getting back to her. Things have been crazy over here, and my phone was out of commission for a bit. But I'd love to see have some lady/child time with her, and have you guys over for dinner. By the way, you should tell her that Bela loves his blue B pillow, and Laith is envious. We live near you guys, I think, across from Incarnate Word University.
Sorry to have you be the messenger. My numero telefono es 713 540 9980.
All right. I do like your vision.

Anonymous said...
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