Monday, February 1, 2010

A Confession Part 2

So, I've worked hard to be home with the family as much as I can. I've lived up to my goal of working close to 40-45 hours a week. Sounds great right? Well, what's the point of being home if I am not mentally present? Every once and I while I wake up and realize that I haven't really spent time with my family even though my body has been in the same room as them. Two weeks ago I decided to stop distracting myself with fun but meaningless vices (like video games) and really try to make the most of those moments. You know what, I've had a blast! Tammie is fun and constantly teaching me how to live life in a more healthy manner. Q man is CRAZY and hilarious. We've played catch, read books, wrestled, drawn, built things, and laughed.

I don't want to miss moments like this


Tracy Mae said...

i dont want to miss moments like that either! happy birthday to the GQ! great to see you three yesterday for a little lazy sunday guys are the best!

Coby said...

now i can read your blog. yay for david wilcox.