Friday, June 22, 2012

Typo King

For some reason, I've had a lot of silly typos lately. The other day I sent an email calling my church PFC instead of FPC. It just happens. No matter how deep my content might be, I always have a silly typo. When I was a kid mistakes like that made me feel dumb. Now I just shake my head and laugh at myself. I used to tell people I have the spiritual gift of stupidity. I'd say, "Somebody has to mess up enough to make other people feel better about themselves. Might as well be me." 

Here are some memorable typos:
1. I once started a cover letter with "Dr. Mr. Smith." Luckily I was applying for a job in Portland and the guy was super chill. He responded, "The more titles the better!"
2. Once in high school I was taking a Spanish test. I wrote "wantar" for "to want." Even people who didn't speak Spanish knew that the word "want" had something to do with "quiero" because of the Taco Bell commercials at the time.
3. When I got the job at FPC they asked me to submit a picture of myself for the newsletter. I accidentally sent one with me standing in front of a guy holding his crotch/doing the "pee pee dance." It was taken outside of a bathroom in Honduras. It was a funny picture, but not appropriate for a profile pic at a church!

I guess this is just part of my humanity. It will happen again. Probably todai. 


mandi said...

you forgot my favorite one. you know- the thanks a lot smart phone one...

Coby said...

Mandi, this blog is rated PG. That mistake is rated at least PG-13.