Sunday, June 16, 2013

10 Year Anniversary: The Meet-Cute

My earliest memory of Tammie goes something like this. I was 15 years old and a freshman at J. Frank Dobie High School. As I was getting my books out of my locker this young lady walks up to me and says, "Hi. Are you Coby Cagle?" I respond, "Uh...Yes." "I'm Emily Moore's little sister. Nice to meet you." You see, my sister Mandi was best friends with Emily. The problem with that interaction was that Tammie didn't tell me her name. I remember going home that day and frantically searching my sister's yearbook from the year before to figure it out.

My bride and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage in September. I've known her 18 years. That's 3 years more than I have not known her. In the weeks that we approach our 10 year anniversary, I'll be posting mental photographs of the development of our relationship.

Choir Banquet 1996